Soft Serve Machine Rental in Utah: (801) 980-1073

Single Machine Rental

$125 for an overnight machine rental. Machines can be picked up between 10:00 am-12:00 pm and MUST be returned between 9:00-10:00 am the following day. (this gives us time to sanitize the machine before it goes out again)

A machine rented on Saturday will be returned on Monday by 10:00 am for no additional fee.

Delivery & Pickup services are available.  Please ask us about these services.

$125 per rental. 1 single service machine will produce 120 (4oz) servings per hour. This is generally recommended for events that serving under 200* people. Single service machines are 115 v at 16 amps therefore they will need their own dedicated 20 amp circuits to run on. Please contact your venue to make sure you have the appropriate power source for the machine to run properly. We can provide these sources if you would like for $75.00 per hour with one-way travel included in the first hour.

Each Single Service machine weighs 220 lbs. We provide an adequately sized cart (at no extra cost) to transport the machines on. You will need a large vehicle (and SUV, minivan or truck) to transport the Single Service machines and 2-3 strong people to lift it for pick up and return. The “Twist” machines require a delivery appointment by our staff.

*If ice cream is the main food at your event, you may consider renting two machines or one of our Double Barrel or “Twist” machines to cut down on wait time for the ice cream to refreeze. If you will be serving other food, one machine will probably be sufficient with the expectation of a few periodic wait times of 2-4 minutes for the ice cream to refreeze.

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